Sports Rehab & Injury treatment in Leigh on Sea, Southend, Essex.

Sport Rehab in Leigh on Sea treats patients for a wide range of injuries using musculoskeletal assessment, massage therapy & stretching and strengthening techniques to aid recovery and enhance performance.

At Sport Rehab Me I see many types of injuries including muscular, tendons and ligament damage. Once we have assessed and diagnosed, the injury site is massaged, stretching is then used to regain flexibility and lastly resistance exercises are then added to improve strength. Treatment is then gradually withdrawn as the client progresses.


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Wednesday 6am - 9pm
Friday 1pm - 9pm
Saturday 1pm - 5pm
1 x 30 mins = £25.00
1 x 45 mins = £35.00
1 x 60 mins = £45.00
6 x 30 mins = £135.00 (£22.50 per session)
6 x 45 mins = £195.00 (£32.50 per session) 
6 x 60 mins = £255.00 (£42.50 per session) 
12 x 30 mins = £240.00 (£20.00 per session) 
12 x 45 mins = £360.00 (£30.00 per session) 
12 x 60 mins = £480.00 (£40.00 per session) 




How many sessions will I need?

You’ll need a minimum of twelve sessions: One session to assess and diagnose the injury, five sessions of sports massage treatment, progress will then be reviewed on the sixth session and a plan of stretching and strengthening exercises will be devised for the next six sessions; The process will take twelve sessions in total to prevent the injury from reoccurring.  

What is involved?

 Sports rehab is the process of assessment and diagnosis of an injury, sports massage treatment, and stretching and strengthening exercises to increase flexibility and strength. 

Should I book a block of sessions or just start with one?

One session will give you a thorough assessment and diagnosis of the injury. I would recommend booking a block of twelve sessions as this will allow for the rehabilitation plan to be devised quicker and in return a discount will be applied for a commitment of sessions.

What should I wear to my first appointment?

On the first appointment you will need to wear comfortable clothing suitable to perform an assessment. Loose clothing or sportswear are ideal for this so that your body can move freely. The assessment will involve performing a variety of tests on the joint, muscle, ligament and tendon you have injured. 

 What happens after my treatment is finished?

After treatment is completed it is suggested that you return to activity, if for some reason this has not been successful another rehabilitation plan can be devised for however long is needed to ensure you make a full recovery.

What can I do to increase my recovery and maintain it? 

Nutrition can play a role in recovery. The right food and supplements are a roadmap to optimizing healing and speeding recovery, so you can get back to health as quickly as possible. Your rehabilitation sessions can be combined with a personally tailored nutrition plan to maximise your results. This is available to purchase through the website or you can get in contact with us to find out more. Click here to view more on Nutrition Plans.

How do I sign up?

You can find all our packages by clicking the Browse and Buy Packages button above. This will take you to our App where you can purchase the package or sessions you require. Once your payment has been processed, we will set you up on our Sport Rehab Me App, and you will receive a text or email from us with a link to download the App to your phone or tablet to get started. Once installed and logged in, you can access your details and programmes any time or anywhere in the world. If you would prefer to book in person please use the contact us form located above and we will be more than happy to arrange this for you.